Digital Secure Disk - Disk Encryption for safe storage of sensitive information
  • Easy to install and use
  • Create Multiple Secure Disks
  • Wizard helps you create the secure disks
  • Unlimited size of your Secure Disks
  • Store secure disks on different locations
Screenshot - Digital Secure Disk - Disk Encryption for safe storage of sensitive information

Product information

Digital Secure Disk - Disk Encryption for safe storage of sensitive information
Professional file shredder for Windows 8

Vista Certified Digital Security Suite for file shredding, file encryption and e-mail encryption

Vista Certified Digital Document Shredder for file shredding

XP Certified Digital Document Shredder for file shredding

Digital Secure Disk

- Transform part of your hard disk into a safe

The perfect solution for protecting your sensitive information from theft or other attacks. The program makes a part of your current hard disk into a secure disk. All private and confidential information stored on this disk will be protected by strong encryption. Unlimited disk size, store over 100 GB! In this new version you can also create more than one Secure Disk and move sensitive information in between Secure Disks.

The Secure Disk vaults on your computer and on other storage areas are only accessible with the right login name and password. This solution is easier to use and more flexible than encrypting your entire hard drive. Even when your computer is started, no one can access your sensitive information without logging into your secure disks.

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Price: USD 49,95
  • Single user version
    One year subscription that
    includes support and full
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Install on upto 3 PCs per user
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Main Features

  • Your ultimate solution for a laptop or workstation where you have a lot of sensitive information and you are looking for an easy to use solution that does not require any central administration.
  • Full integration with Windows XP and VISTA and a user-friendly interface with an automatic guide that will help you get started in no time.
  • Automatic updates of the software to ensure that you always have the latest version.
  • Encrypts temporary files automatically since they are created in the secure disk where all information is encrypted.
  • Supports the most popular encryption standards including the AES 256 Bits standard.
  • Create multiple Secure Disks and be able to move sensitive information in between Secure Disks.
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You should encrypt sensitive files on all computers used in your home or your organization, especially laptops that are carried around and connected into other networks.

The following examples highlight a few security situations in need of encryption. Note that the combination of file encryption and disk encryption can be very useful to support your individual way of working with sensitive information.

  • Where more than one user has access to a PC with personal or confidential information (not forgetting support personnel or colleagues) or where the data is held on a LAN.
  • Where information is to be transmitted via external media; USB-memory, flash-memory or floppy disk for example.
  • As an additional measure where a PC already incorporates an access control mechanism.
  • Encryption secures the data itself, which will remain encrypted even if the PC is lost, stolen or accessed by someone that bypasses the login barrier.
  • f you are connected to the Internet and fear that someone might break into your computer. Encryption software makes sure that sensitive and personal files are protected from unlawful access and ID-Theft.
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The SafeIT Technology is based on well known standards and approved encryption algorithms:

  • New AES-standard Rijndael, 256 bits
  • Blowfish, 448 bits
  • SafeIT-algorithm, 480 bits

Asymmetric encryption algorithm:

  • Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol.

Hash algorithm:

  • SHA-1


  • Isaac

System requirements                       Languages

  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, VISTA or XP
  • Supports 32 and 64-bit OS
  • 15 MB Ram.
  • 10 MB of free hard disk space.
  • English
  • German
  • Swedish
  • French
  • Chinese

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